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Clover Butterfly - Limited Edition Print


Taken from the original, painted in acrylics on canvas. The delicate nature of the Old World Swallowtail species is showcased on an earthy backdrop of russet colours, with highlights of gold and clover blue peeping through. Drips in the composition give it an ethereal quality and act to represent the trail of colour these beautiful creatures leave behind in their wake.


A limited edition of 250 of each size listed has been made available. Printed using the highest quality giclée method on 255gsm fine art paper. Signed in the bottom right corner with the edition number in the left corner and the title centre. 


Lovingly packed flat (20x20cm) or rolled (30x30cm, 60x60cm) in acid-free tissue before being protected ready for shipping. 

Clover Butterfly - Limited Edition Print

  • Sizing is based on the size of the paper, please note a white border is within this to allow for the artist to sign, number and title the work.

    20x20cm - 200x200mm

    30x30cm - 300x300mm

    60x60cm - 600x600mm

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