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about me

I was never without a pencil, a pastel or a paintbrush in hand from as young as I can remember. Drawing, painting and colour making has grown up with me.

A sketchbook, an art gallery or a subject matter was never far away when I travelled around Europe with my family as a child.

From here it led to qualifications in fine art and design, then later a hugely fulfilling career in public relations using this deep-rooted creativity.  Fine art was always still present during my time as a PR practitioner, painting commissions for clients whilst storing up an image bank of visuals and inspiration.

After having three children the deep desire to show them creativity in action led to a dedicated path as a self taught professional artist. It has given them a happier (I'm all about what makes you happy these days!) more fulfilled mother and a career that works around a young family.

I specialise in bold, colourful and abstract takes on landscapes, animals, people and places.  Acrylics on canvas are built up in layers to create work that has depth, light and an abstract take on real life. In addition to bold acrylic work, I also switch to using graphite and charcoal to create lively drawings, with washes of colour to enhance the subject matter.


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