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Clover Butterfly 

762 x 762mm


An original piece of artwork, painted in acrylics on premium quality cotton canvas stretched over a wooden box frame.


The delicate nature of the Old World Swallowtail species is showcased on an earthy backdrop of russet colours, with highlights of gold and clover blue peeping through. Drips in the composition give it an ethereal quality and act to represent the trail of colour these creatures leave behind in their wake. Exhibited originally in Henley-on-Thames and now this original artwork is available to purchase.  


Please note: An additional shipping charge applies for originals. Charges are unique to each artwork. You will be contacted after your purchase to discuss this and arrangements to make sure your original gets the shipping service it requires along with any additional shipping costs. 

Clover Butterfly - Original

  • h: 762mm

    w: 762mm

    d: 38mm

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