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Jellyfish - Limited Edition Print


A cascade of gelatinous colour free-swimming through our oceans. Shape and form changes as it swirls, turns and pulses up to the surface. A deep burgundy pink umbrella shaped body bubbles with life providing an anchor for a freefall of pink, purple, blue and turquoise tentacles that dance beneath. Showcasing the brightest most beautiful of colours set off by a backdrop of the big blue ocean beyond. This print has been taken from an original painted as part of a triptych of sea creatures to bring back unforgettable memories of special times by the ocean. 


A limited edition of 250 of each size listed has been made available. Printed using the highest quality giclée method on 255gsm fine art paper. Signed in the bottom right corner with the edition number in the left corner and the title centre. 


Carefully packed flat (20x20cm) or rolled (30x30cm, 60x60cm) in acid-free tissue before being protected ready for shipping. 

Jellyfish - Limited Edition Print

  • Sizing is based on the size of the paper, please note a white border is within this to allow for the artist to sign, number and title the work.

    20x20cm - 200x200mm

    30x30cm - 300x300mm

    60x60cm - 600x600mm

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